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What do Sign Up and Login mean?
Sign up means “to register” or “to create an account”. Log in (or Sign in) means “entering the website with an account that is already created by registering”. To be able to open the reports published by the Research Department of Rabee Securities (RS) about the Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX), you need to “Log in” to the website. Clients who have a trading account at RS will be able to access to the Research Reports written only for trading account owners, by logging in to the website with the username and password provided to them by RS.
What should I do to log in to the website?

If you don’t have a trading account at RS, first you need to sign up to the website, then you can log in with the username and password you created. If you have a trading account already at RS, you can use the same username (Phone number) and password (MPIN) that RS provided you for the RS App, by this way you can have an access to the Research reports that were written only for clients who have a trading account at RS.

If I have already opened a trading account through Rabee App, can I use the same username (phone number) and password to Log into the Rabee’s website?
If I already Signed Up to Rabee’s website, can I use the same username (phone number) and password to Log into Rabee’s App?
If you opened a trading account, you can use the same username and password, but if you did not open a trading account, you need to create a different username and password to log in to Rabee’s App.
How can I reset my password later if I forget it?
If you want to reset your password, you can reset it by clicking “Forgot Password” on Login page.
How can I change my registered email address?

If you want to change your registered email address that is linked with your trading account you can send a request email to RS Customer Service ( Then please follow the instructions you will get by email.

How can I sign in if I change my phone number?

If you need to use a different mobile number to “Sign In”, please contact RS Customer Service ( directly to deactivate the previous number, then you will be able to enter a new phone number and have the authentication message on the new number.

What do I need to know to get started on trading stocks?

To get started trading on stocks you should have a trading account. You can open a trading account through our Rabee App (App Store & Google Play) which includes a Virtual Trading Game (a demo trading feature) enabling you to practice the App without using real money. To open a trading account, you can also visit our Baghdad HQ, or offices in Erbil and Suleymani.

What does a “Trading Account” mean?
A trading account is a unique registered account in the Iraqi Depository Center for a person who owns shares in the listed companies or is interested in trading in companies’ shares listed in the Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX) through Rabee Securities (RS).
How to open a trading account with RS?
To see the requirements and steps to open a trading account please click the “Open a Trading Account” Button below:
For trading account opening, is there a minimum amount of money that I need to deposits?
No, there is no minimum amount of money required to invest to open a trading account. You can start with small amounts and increase the amount invested on the ISX step by step upon your experience on trading.
How to buy or sell stocks?
If you want to buy shares, first you must have enough cash to cover the buying process. If you want to sell, you are limited to the number of shares you own. You cannot sell shares more than you own.
Can I trade on the Forex market through Rabee?
No. You can only trade stocks and bonds via your trading account at Rabee.
What is the maximum/minimum daily price change limit?
In each trading session there is a daily price change limit between -15% to +15% of the last closing price in regular market. In other words, the price of a stock cannot increase or decrease more than 15% in one trading session compared to the last closing price. The daily price change limit in Non-Regular Market (NRM) is +/-20%, and in Undisclosed Companies Market (UCM) it is +/-5%.
What is Market order?
A market order is one kind of an order that can be executed at the current market price, and they are generally executed immediately during regular trading hours. Please keep in mind, you cannot guarantee a price with a market order, so, with this reason Rabee App will automatically convert most Market Buy Orders into Limit Orders with a 15% Collar to help cushion against any significant upward price movements in regular market. This means that if the market price of the equity moves higher than 15% above the last trade price when you placed your buy order, your order won’t execute until the market price comes back within the 15% collar. Rabee App uses 20% collar for NRM and 5% collar for UCM. respectively). Note: The price displayed in the App is the last sale price and might not be the best available price when the order is executed.
What is a limit order?
A limit order can only be executed at your specific limit price or better. Please note, limit orders aren’t guaranteed to execute on the same day. Sometimes it takes multiple trades to fill the entire order, or the order may not be filled at all if there aren’t enough shares in the market at your limit price. Maximum after 90 days, a limit order is closed even if the order cannot be completed.
What does validity date mean and what are its brackets?

Validity date is a condition which you decide to keep your order active until it expires. The default validity for any placed order is 90 days. Also, you can set your order’s validity according to the following brackets:

  • End Of Day (EOD)
  • End of Week (EOW)
  • End of 3 Months (90 days)
  • Custom Date


What are the brokerage commission and the ISX fees?
The brokerage commission is the charge added by the brokerage firm according to the law. This commission is equal to 0.5% of your trading value. Also, there is a 0.1% ISX fee that reflects your trading value.
When can I send orders (dates & times)?
You can send orders any day at any time. If you send orders out of the trading hours you will be notified that your orders will be placed on the next session day. If you send orders at the weekend or on holidays you will get a notification that your order has been received and will be placed at the next session.
Can I change my order price if the price changes after giving the order?

Yes, you can cancel your current order and set a new one.


Can I cancel the order I give?

Yes, you can cancel it anytime.


Is there an order cancellation fee?
No, there is no fee if the order still not executed yet.
What are the trading days and times?

The trading days are from Sunday to Thursday.
The times for trading are:

  • Pre-session from 9:30 AM – to 10:00 AM
  • Open session from 10:00 AM to 01:00 PM
  • Extended session from 01:00 PM to 01:30 PM


Can I trade through Rabee’s Website or see my trading account details?

No. To be able to trade and follow your account details and the real-time stock quotes, you need to download Rabee App which is FREE to Use and Download.


Which companies’ shares can I purchase using the RS app?

With RS App you can invest in the shares of all listed companies on the Iraq Stock Exchange. There are over 100 listed companies including banks, and companies operating in telecoms, hotels & tourism, industry, agriculture, services, investment, and insurance sector.


Do you provide Investment Advice on Trading?

We are not able to provide investment advice according to Iraqi laws; however, if you can follow our research reports you can have a better understanding of the market and will have required information to be able to take your own investment decisions. You can contact our Research Team ( if you have any question about the companies trading on the ISX and their reports. Please follow our research reports from our website and our Facebook page.

What do order status terms mean: (pending - cancelled - in progress - expired - partially canceled - partially completed)?
  • Pending: Your order has been sent to the RS traders but it’s not placed yet on the market board.
  • In-progress: Your order has been placed on the market board but is still not executed yet.
  • Canceling in progress: your cancellation request is received but still not cancelled yet.
  • Note: Some cancelling requests may be rejected because they may be executed or partially executed at the same moment you sent the cancelling request.
  • Cancelled: Your request for cancelling your order is done.
  • Partially cancelled: Your order has been partially executed and the remaining shares are cancelled at your request.
  • Partially completed: Your order was executed partially but not all of it and you still have active order (same order) with the remaining shares.
  • Expired: Your order has reached the validity date that you already chose without executing the order.
  • Rejected: “Order can be rejected if it is not fulfilled the required rules.


How can I trade securities on the internet?
Investors who open an account at Rabee Securities, have the ability to trade through computers and compatible mobile devices anywhere on the internet, in domestic, international and forex markets.​​
Can I track my investments over the internet and display my account?
Can I send orders by e mail?
Can I change my order price if the price changes after giving the order?
Can I cancel the order I give?
Can I take orders on bond market?
How can I transfer my securities in another intermediary institution?
What are the transaction commissions at IS Investment?
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